Pixar’s new film Ratatouille has a dash of humor, combined with a savoury plot, with a pinch or two of good animation. This movie is an interesting computer animated film with a good message of be yourself and follow your dreams no matter impossible they might seem. It has a solid plot, great voicing and good animation.
Remy, the main character, is a rat unlike any other, he has a delicate nose that can sense any smell. He also has a secret wish to become a chief. When circumstances bring him to Paris and the restaurant of the chief he so admires, all he needs is a chance. That chance comes in the form of the new garbage boy, Linguini, at the restaurant. Linguini gets mistaken for a cook when he messes up a soup and Remy fixes it and makes it better than before. Linguini and Remy come to an understanding and decide to work together with Linguini as the human front and Remy as the secret cook. Can these two be successful at the facade or with they get caught?

The animation is great. I love the way the rats move. The animators have them jumping from object to object and scampering up things. I thought their movements were very well done and sort of lifelike. It was artistically done and I found it fun to watch.

The voicing was well done. Each voice matched its characters perfectly. Patton Oswalt is the voice of Remy, the troubled rat trying to follow his dreams and please his family at the same time. We all know how difficult that can be. Lou Romano voices Linguini who is at his one last chance and knows it. Peter O’Toole makes an appearance as the evil food critic that could be the end of the restaurant. Brad Garrett plays the chief that Remy admired who is deceased but visits Remy in his imagination to give him advice. Janeane Garofalo plays Colette another chief in the restaurant’s kitchen who becomes Linguini’s love interest.

Overall, I thought this a well done family film. There is enough movement and action to keep the kids interested and enough plot to keep the parents interested which is how it should be in a good animated film. This would be a great film for a family night outing!

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