Ratatouille: A Savoury Animation Dish

Pixar’s new film Ratatouille has a dash of humor, combined with a savoury plot, with a pinch or two of good animation. This movie is an interesting computer animated film with a good message of be yourself and follow your dreams no matter impossible they might seem. It has a solid plot, great voicing and good animation.
Remy, the main character, is a rat unlike any other, he has a delicate nose that can sense any smell. He also has a secret wish to become a chief. When circumstances bring him to Paris and the restaurant of the chief he so admires, all he needs is a chance. That chance comes in the form of the new garbage boy, Linguini, at the restaurant. Linguini gets mistaken for a cook when he messes up a soup and Remy fixes it and makes it better than before. Linguini and Remy come to an understanding and decide to work together with Linguini as the human front and Remy as the secret cook. Can these two be successful at the facade or with they get caught?

The animation is great. I love the way the rats move. The animators have them jumping from object to object and scampering up things. I thought their movements were very well done and sort of lifelike. It was artistically done and I found it fun to watch.

The voicing was well done. Each voice matched its characters perfectly. Patton Oswalt is the voice of Remy, the troubled rat trying to follow his dreams and please his family at the same time. We all know how difficult that can be. Lou Romano voices Linguini who is at his one last chance and knows it. Peter O’Toole makes an appearance as the evil food critic that could be the end of the restaurant. Brad Garrett plays the chief that Remy admired who is deceased but visits Remy in his imagination to give him advice. Janeane Garofalo plays Colette another chief in the restaurant’s kitchen who becomes Linguini’s love interest.

Overall, I thought this a well done family film. There is enough movement and action to keep the kids interested and enough plot to keep the parents interested which is how it should be in a good animated film. This would be a great film for a family night outing!

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Color My World

My 18 month old daughter can’t keep her eyes off the small screen while watching her favorite Nick jr. I don’t need to beat my brains any more to keep her engaged when Dora the explorer is on air. Thanks to the booming entertainment industry which has come a long way since Mickey mouse and donald duck ruled our homes. Even big names (like pixar films) have joined the bandwagon giving some of the hit flicks as Finding Nemo,Toy story and Shrek only ravaging our senses to yelp for more.

Engineered with perfection of the animation gimmicks these characters almost make us stumble upon the fact that they’re unreal giving us a fair share ride of a piped dream. Spotlight goodies like Cameron Diaz (Shrek-Princess Foina) and Halle Berry (Robots) have pumped life into these these characters by emoting their voices on screen. In the year 2004 the animation eye stormer The Increbiles wowed everyone with four oscars leaving others behind in the race for technical masterpiece.No wonder how lucky our kids can get when the entertainment fever shoots up cause now they can shuffle their choices.

And we just can’t wait for tomorrow to be a much more riveting and larger than life experience for these kids to share, when these imaginary characters,I suppose, will be as real as wheezing in the same air as us.

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Pokemon Go Biggest Regional Secret

Pokemon Go global catch event started on Sunday 19th of November and as of today, Pokemon players around the world have already caught 3 Billion Pokemon and unlocked the final stage reward. As players have caught 3,000,000,000 Pokemon now.That means Pokemon Go fans have now unlocked double Stardust, double XP, 6 hour-long Lure Modules and a lot more Pokemon appearing worldwide.And now that 3 Billion Pokemon have been caught, the bonus list also.

Pokemon go been through many changes in recent time. Niantic has changed EX RAID On 21st November parent company of Pokemon Go, Niantic posted an update news on Pokemon Go official website. Niantic has announced a very big change to Pokemon Go raids, designed to even the playing field for trainers at all levels and pleasing Magikarp fans in the process. The raid system, especially EX Raids, has faced criticism because of the way it seems to favor certain players and locations.

This updated version of Pokemon had major raid fix but also a new Shiny Pokemon was discovered in the game’s latest update. Niantic is actively expanding the Pokemon GO development team to build many more amazing updates in 2018.

New Mode Increases Chances Of Catching Trickier Pokemon

For iOS users, there’s a neat trick to play Pokemon GO in Landscape mode, versus the traditional play style. The glitch to make this possible was first found by mistake by one Redditor, but since has been replicated by many players of this addictive mobile game. Android users aren’t left out either but does require a secondary app to do so. Simply go to the Play Store and download a free app called “Set Orientation” by Eyes-Free Project. Most Android users have used it with no issue, though some Tablet players have said that it is a hit or miss.


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